Meet Anna

Anna Kozlowski is an internationally known artist with over 200 original paintings sold across four continents. Her unique style - developed over the past twenty years - combines paints, various textures, glazes, waxes, and top coats which imbue each painting with its own day-to-night cycle. As light hits the various waxes and metallic glazes, the paintings seem to be in a state of perpetual change, always shifting with their environment. This modern and impressionistic style appeals to people of all ages making each painting a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 


As a young girl growing up in Poland, Anna was influenced by her home: living off the Baltic Coast. Since as young as six years old, Kozlowski had an overwhelming passion for art- scribbling all over her bedroom walls. As she grew up, Anna traveled throughout Europe and Scandinavia, influencing her artwork in a big way.


Her passion for art only grew as she eventually enrolled in Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych art school at the age of 15. At school, she was exposed to all forms of art including paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, photography, artistic welding, and jewelry. She graduated after five years with a Bronze sculpture major.